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our specialty: security camera design and installation

Maybe you have a small cabin in the middle of the woods. Maybe you have a multi-million dollar industry. Maybe you have a modern family that likes to go on vacation every once in awhile. You're in luck. Sur-Com Technologies can help! We are a small business with a huge punch. Ask us how we can put that to work for you!

Video Production

We are keeping up with the market by providing all the gear needed to make a video for your business. Full service from shoot to dup-lication.

4K Video Resolution

Today's resolutions are soaring. We can provide the resolution you need for your project.

Crisp, Smooth Video

Using some of the latest gadgets such as motorized gimbles allow us to shoot very smooth and eye friendly videos.

Drone Footage

Let us fly around and get the perfect images or video for you and your friends to enjoy for a lifetime.


Greenscreen allows us to put you where you want to be without even really being there. Huh? Oh yea. Let's go to the beach in let's say Arizona. Sound practicle.......it is!

More Services

Security, UAS Operations, Production, Networking

Access Control

We provide modern means of access control using IP based door controllers with all the avaialble accessories needed to make your business needs convienient and secure.


Networking is a must in todays world. From LAN to WAN and from wired to wireless let us help you help you map out your networking solutions. Computers, phones and more.

UAS Operations

Drones are proven to be a safe platform to produce a variety of tasks. Mapping, agriculture, SAR, wildlife management, special services, cinematography, and a whole lot more.